Maternity, Birth, & Newborn: Akaiya – Album Preview

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Twins: Abigail & Lydia – Mini-Album Preview

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Newborn Photography – Baby Issac -Lifestyle photography session

I went to the home of this sweet little thing last week to photograph him with his parents. These two are such cute new parents. I love the way Tiffany kept looking at Cliff & calling him, “Babe.” And I loved watching him love on his wife by helping her out with whatever she needed. I really love doing lifestyle newborn sessions like this & using homes as backdrops. (Especially when they have pretty rugs & bedspreads.

I can make anything work and hide just about any sort of clutter in a house that just welcomed a new baby!

Twins Baby Photographer Nixa, MO – Ainsley & Isaiah

Congratulations times TWO for my friend Amber & her family!  I was so glad I was able to shoot these little twin babies, as she was due not too far from my own due date.  It was a definitely workout for me but I’m so glad I was able to do it!  Oh, and I want to mention she had *awesome* prenatal care with someone who taught her how to eat right, and she carried these two til 40 weeks – and they weighed over 8lbs apiece!!!

A little note about the red cord: It’s from the story of Tamar in Genesis 38:28 – And so it was, when she was giving birth, that the one put out his hand; and the midwife took a scarlet thread and bound it on his hand, saying, “This one came out first.”


அன ன , க ஞ சம அடக கம க ப ச . க ழ தனம க ப ச த .//ர ம ப ஆட த? ந ங க த ண ட ப ர ய ர மய ர ன ன க வ ற ங க.. //ஆம ம , அவர இன ற ம எங கள ட ய வ ழ க ற ர … இன ன ம ந ங கள உள ள ர நட ங க வத ம , ப ர ய ர பற ற ய வல ப க கள த ர டப பட வத ம ச ல க றத அவர ப ர த த அவ ள கள பட ம நட க கம …//தம ழ ந ட ட ல ஒர சதவ தம ப ர இர ப ப ங கள ட த .க க ரன ங க?//த க வ னர மட ட ம த ன ப ர ய ர பற ற ப ச க ற ர கள என ற ந ன க க த .. ந ன ல ல ம த க இல ல .. ஆன ல ப ர ய ர பட ப பவர கள .ர மன பற ற ச ன ன ல க வம வர க றத , உனக க அத ச டல ம ட ச ம , ம ன ச ம பற ற ச ன ன ல க வம வர ம ? வர த .. அத க க க ரணம அவ ள ந ன ப ப ..உனக க வ ர ப பம இல ல என ற ல இத ப ன ற பத வ கள பட க க த .. ஓட ப ப =========ப ர ன ஸ அவர கள , ஒர வ ண ணப பம – //ப றந த இடத த ல க ய ல கட ட றத ? த ங க த ய ய //// தந த ய ர என ற இடத த ல ஏகப பட ட அட த தல த ர த தல //ந ம ல ல ம கடவ ள மற ப ப ளர , கடவ ள , ம ட நம ப க க பற ற எழ தல ம . .ஆன ல ச ல வ ர த த கள தவ ர த த ர க கல ம .. அந கர க அண ன கள ப ல ந ம ம க ழ இறங க தக த வ ர த த வ ண ட ம please

Kayla – Maternity Photos in Branson MO

A few weeks ago I got to photograph this beautiful momma-to-be.  She was awesome at feeling pretty natural in front of the camera & turned this-way-and-that just when I needed her to!  They had a lot of patience with me as I did a few more shots than normal because I was pretty excited about all the little backdrop “vignettes,” as I call them, at our chosen location. 

  (My favorite was the tall, golden grass because I’m totally a texture gal!)  Thanks Kayla & Josh for the wonderful session!


She. Is. Breathtaking! Such a beautiful girl and such a glow! That man is a VERY lucky one, and I can only imagine the wonderful things God has in store for this lovely family!


Great job on the pictures and beautiful mama to work with!!! :)

Gorgeous mother-to-be.
Love these!


Oh how lovely! Love these pics! You capture that wonderful glow in her smile and her face. This is a lovely couple!


Oh Rebecca! You are so talented. What beautiful clients you have! So natural at making a maternity session look effortless! Gorgeous mamma-to-be!


She is so gorgeous!! Great job on Capturing her natural beauty!!

Wonderful photos! What a beautiful momma and daddy. Love. <3

Eliesha Hagemann

She’s beautiful!!!

Rebecca, These are gorgeous photos! Such a beautiful mama and sweet couple. You have a talent for capturing the true beauty in a person. I especially love the belly shots. What a miracle pregnancy is!


Absolutely beautiful Mama!


Very beautiful mom-to-be and a sweet couple. Great job, Rebecca, at capturing this special time in their lives.


Gorgeous photos!

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