A Photographer’s Merry Christmas

Every year just before Christmas, photographers around the world spend hours editing, ordering, and delivering artwork for their clients. Every year, said photographers rush to send out Christmas cards last-minute because they spend so much time working for other families. That was me too. Until this year!

blank wall without photos


It’s far easier to suggest my clients what combination of pictures would look great in various parts of their houses than it is for me to decide what to put in my own house. Granted, it’s partly due to the massive number of personal pictures I have of my family. We spent 6 months in Mississippi last year so my husband could do a training, and I had a lot of really neat photos from that time. I wanted to showcase them not only to fill a certain space, but to share our memories with each other and the friends that enter our home.

wall after photos


I ended up with this combination of portraits and plants. Yes, plants! We love nature, and our house is filled with little bits and pieces of the outdoors…a mossy branch from the tall, snowy forests of central Oregon….huge seashells from Sanabel Island, Florida…chunks of buffed, swirly tree roots found in a creek in the Ozarks….coral washed up on a beach in Haiti…grapevine wreaths from our backyard adorned with various decorations depending on the season. So it seemed like a natural progression to add in some interesting plants we discovered in the south….the little details that made our time down there fascinating.

details of photo canvas art

This combination of canvases makes me happy. The corners of the canvases are nice and tight. This was one of the more difficult wall displays I’ve hung (a service that is included for my clients) but I’m really happy with how the edges all lined up after all that careful measuring!

The whole display takes up approximately 32×70 inches on the wall. My living room walls are set up in a funky way and I have a very long wall here. In either corner is a printer cabinet and my desk, so I didn’t actually need the canvases to take up the whole length of the wall because the corners are basically other “areas.” (The wide angle makes the wall look a bit longer than it really is.)

details of photo canvas art

When was the last time you had some custom art made for your home? And if you are a pro photographer….is your own family on your walls?!

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